My Experience

Fantastic experience. Gabrielle uses high quality products and techniques. Absolutely the best facial that I have ever had. My skin has dramatically changed for the better! I couldn't be any happier! Thank You Gabrielle !!

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A Long Journey's End

In Girl Scouts we sang a song that began like this: "I have something in my pocket. It belongs across my face. I keep it very close at hand, in a most convenient place." As a preteen my version was: "I have acne in my pocket. It has spread across my face. It's taken over everything. I hang my head in disgrace."

The journey with acne started when I was 11. My mother and father both had severe acne in their teens, so I figured I would end up with a clear complexion in my 20s as they had. I was not so fortunate.

Over the years I tried everything anyone suggested, including those crazy home remedies. Even Accutane was affective only while taking the pills. I had little hope something would work, so I learned to live with my acne.

I suffered the stares of people when out in public without makeup and endured the kind suggestions of people. I discovered there was nothing new under the sun... until Gabrielle.

A wonderful friend recommended I go in for a consultation. Gabrielle thought she could help but cautioned it would take time and I must be patient. No problem. I had nothing to lose.

I was a little skeptical when I had to not only drink tea but splash it on my face. Some of the masks were quite "stinky" but I began seeing results. Gabrielle would always rejoice with me but remind me to be patient. The months passed and I followed her every instruction. She was, after all, my skin guru!

The cysts began to diminish, the redness abated, and my skin became smooth for the first time in over 20 years. I couldn't keep my hands off my face! When I went to Texas to visit family, they were stunned by the improvement. My mother and I cried together, because she was always with me as we purchase one more product or drove to some other dermatologist. Together we assessed the pros and cons of various pills.

I cannot say enough about how Gabrielle's treatment has changed my life. I no longer hide behind my hair and glasses. I have the haircut I've wanted for years but was too worried about the style causing my hair to break out my neck. My confidence is such that now I am even losing weight. So, was the investment of time and money worth it? Absolutely!

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